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Services for Entrepreneurs

Our firm can support and follow the path and nuances of the moment when its activity is, through legal advice.
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Services for Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurial mindset involves courage and bravery. Accompanied by efficient planning, it increases the rates of success.

Designing a business must encompass the prevention and mitigation of risks, through the support of professionals who are specialized in different segments, such as financial, marketing, commercial, human and legal resources.

The added value of a good plan is present in the diverse business models, from the smallest, often familiar, to the largest, with a large number of employees, suppliers and partners.

The initial structuring of the business is crucial for solid and robust growth. The creation of routines and practices, from the beginning, prevents future intercurrences that may hinder the achievement of objectives.

For those who already have an activity in progress, a good strategy will help identify and treat the fissures of the past, in addition to structuring a new future, oriented to the desired results.

Our firm can support and follow the path and nuances of the moment when its activity is, through legal advice.

To our entrepreneurial clients we highlight the main areas in which we can move together towards the success of the business: 

  • tax representation;
  • setting up companies;
  • Intellectual Property (trademarks);
  • guidance and implementation related data protection rules;
  • mandatory business declarations, in particular those linked to the Central Register of beneficial ownership;
  • Contracts draft and analysis;
  • tax consultancy;
  • consumer law consultancy;

Our firm is at your disposal. Let’s build good business together!

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